C'est aujourd'hui que sort « Worldwide Shadow », le 3eme album de Bomb Scare Crew. Cet album, produit dans les Tower Studio, sort chez SEND THE WOOD MUSIC en partenariat avec My Reference Events. BSC a décidé de dédier cet album à l’association Vision du Monde qui organise des parrainages d’enfants défavorisés dans le monde entier. L’intégralité des bénéfices sera reversée à l’association afin de l’aider à capter de nouveaux parrains et développer de nouveaux programmes d’aide. Le groupe a reçu beaucoup de soutiens qui se matérialisent par la présence de nombreux invités sur l’album : Candy (BENIGHTED), Ole (MUDWEISER), Tom (TO-MERA), Ludo (MALMONDE), Elodie (AUSPEX, KALISIA). Le groupe défendra son album sur scène dès Septembre prochain.
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et sur tout le réseau digital.

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March, 12th - NEWS about BSC next Album
BOMB SCARE CREW est tres fier d annoncer que le groupe a termine la composition de son 3eme album pour 9 titres au total. Ce dernier sera enregistre en Automne pour une date de sortie prvue en decembre 2012. Un contrat vient detre signe avec l association VISION DU MONDE afin de reverser l integralite des recettes lassociation dans le cadre de son programme de parrainage d enfants necessiteux. Le contrat sera visible et mis en ligne sous peu sur le site du groupe et de l'association. Chaque album inclura ainsi un coupon de parrainage permettant a chaque auditeur de prendre part l action de l association en prenant sous son aile un enfant desherite. 5 invites ont accepte de prendre part l aventure et seront reveles tous les mois ( partir du mois d Aout) sur le site du groupe avec un message expliquant leurs motivations. Tout partenaire ou sponsor voulant rejoindre la demarche du groupe est bien evidemment bienvenu. Il suffit de contacter BOMB SCARE CREW via carlo at

October, 7th - BSC in studios next year
BOMB SCARE CREW se prepare en rentrer au studio cet t pour enregistrer un album qui donnera suite a second album du groupe "Autopsy Of a Monster" sorti en 2010 chez PERVADE RECORDS. Il contiendra 5 nouveaux morceaux ainsi que 3 titres inedits provenant de l'enregistrement d'Autopsy of A monster. Date de sortie prevue pour 2012.

BOMB SCARE CREW is very please to officially announce the sound intention to enter in studio this summer to record new album which will succed to "Autopsy of a Monster". It will be composed of 5 new titles plus 3 never released tracks coming from Autopsy of a Monster which were recorded during Trendkill Studio session. Avaibility date in store will be disclosed later on but it will surely happen during 2012.

January, 20th - BSC @ EVE, February the 12th, Grenoble
A new year rises. We wish the best for you and your families in 2011. And why not come celebrate with us next February the 12th with 314 Projet, Frontal andProjet Jim?.

October, 27th - BSC @ LYON'S HALL, October the 30th, Lyon
BSC will enjoy Halloween week end with Dehumanizing Process and Devil Sold Hi Soul next saturday, October the 30th.

October, 1st - BSC @ LE LOCAL, October the 9th, Marseille
BSC is back Home at Le Local, Marseille, with EON and The Omega.

June, 13th - BSC @ MARCHE-GARE-LYON, July the 1st, Lyon
BSC is really proud to support The Haunted show next July the first at Lyon!

May, 5th - BSC @ LYON'S HALL, June the 6th, Lyon

BSC's new record "Autopsy of a Monster" will be finaly released next May, the 12th in France, Belgium, Italy and Greece via Pervade Productions Records in all the stores and via Believe Digital, our new digital distributor for all Europe!

UPDATE - For instances, you can find BSC's tracks in digital version at :
Virgin Media, MusicMe and OZAP

April, 23th - BACK @ Le LOCAL, MAY the 1st, Marseille

These last three weeks, french webzines and press have begun to review BSC's new album. For sample, you can check the French Metal Interview,or the last review from METAL OBS newspaper. Let's french it up crewers!

March, 14th - BOMB SCARE CREW @ Le Local, Marseille

We are very proud to announce that BSC has inked a deal with Pervade Productions Records to release "Autopsy of a Monster" in France, Italy and Greece the 12th of April. First reviews are more than encouraging and seem to offer a very positive response to the Autopsy, which we are really happy with. You can read some of them right here : Decibels StormMetalfrance, Rockenfolie, Zikannuaire

We are now booking as much as possible dates to play "Autopsy of a Monster" in front of you all. Hope we meet you there! Tourdates will be posted here and on our Myspace page. Mark these words, the crew is back bitches!

March, 7th - BOMB SCARE CREW @ Korigan, Aix-en-Provence

March, 6th - WELCOME BACK
Welcome to the new BOMB SCARE CREW official website.
Well, some would say it's been a while, and for anyone wondering what happened to us we guess we could explain this hiatus. But we would rather welcome back our audience and seize the occasion to present ourselves once again to those who don't know us yet. BOMB SCARE CREW has been trying to develop an inherent style for 6 years. Cutting guitars, hulking battery, sustainedly bass guitar and a yelled anthem characterize our Thrash Metal. After a welcomed first album "Reign of the sharks", we decided to move up for our second opus "Autopsy of a Monster".

Thus, we are pleased to present our bright new website, designed with the very same atmosphere than BSC's new album "Autopsy of a Monster". We got a pretty efficient package going on here : check out our music with the player at the bottom of the screen, we hope you'll enjoy it! Some exclusive TShirt + CD packages are also available through our store, as well as wallpapers, live pics, and stuff like that. This being said, enjoy your stay...

Welcome back!

01. As the Enemy is Facing the Ground
02. Shock
03. The Dark Side of the Vitruvius Man
04. Scalps
05. The Heart of the Fetish
06. Hunting Ground
07. Here You Lay
08. Let the Heads Roll

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"Worldwide Shadow" was recorded, mixed & mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima @ Tower Studio, Montpellier, France except tracks 6-8 recorded and mixed by Duke Hill and Eddie West @ Trendkill Studios, Frontignan, France
Artwork by Gilles Breysse
Released through Send The Wood Music

01. Autopsy of a Monster
02. Scarecrow
03. C.U.IN.L.
04. Rotting Chair
05. Absconder
06. Shellfire (*)
07. Death is not an Exit
08. Scars Night
09. Solely Responsible
10. The A.C. Syndrom

"Autopsy of a Monster" was recorded, mixed & mastered by Duke Hill and Eddie West @ Trendkill Studios, Frontignan, France
Drums recorded by Brett Caldas-Lima @ Tower Studio, Montpellier, France
Artwork by Eric Froeliger - Inner layout by Kyle Anderson Design
* : guest vocals on Shellfire by Ludovic Giroud from Malmonde


01. Payback Time
02. Recidivist
03. Crewsader
04. The Flag
05. Mum is a Whore
06. Gnawed by Pain
07. No Man's Land
08. Bomb Scare Crew
09. Why
10. Humiliation
11. Reign of the Sharks
12. Recidivist (bonus video)

"Reign of the Sharks" was recorded, mixed & mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima @ Tower Studio, Montpellier, France
Artwork by Gilles Breysse
Released through Musicast Distribution


01. Piss on the Flag
02. Recidivist
03. Gnawed by Pain
04. Why

The "Violation of the Riot Nation" demo was recorded & mixed by our hands (which explains its unwanted tribute to the earliest Darkthrone sound ; sorry for the incovenience)
Artwork by Simon Chesne
Self-released demo

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